Sunday, 8 January 2012


It's the Walter Movie! Starring Walter, and featuring... Walter!

Yes, that's right! Walter grew up in Smalltown, with his brother Gary, and not growing up (he is a Muppet after all), he fell in love with the Muppets and when Gary and Mary go to Hollywood, Gary generously takes Walter along... and then Walter hijacks the trip and makes it all about him, and nothing can happen unless Walter is involved!

Oh, and there's some Muppets there as well, but it's all about Walter.

Okay, so it's really about the Muppets, with a thinly veiled plot to get them on screen, and when we get to the show, it's wonderful, wallowing deep in nostalgia... but the feeling in somewhat ruined when they return to the Walter story because, he's just not that interesting. Even Gary and Mary are far more interesting than him, and yet the camera is all about the Walter. Gah!

When the writer is also the lead star, that's a bad sign, aside from a very few actors. Jason Segel is not one of those actors, and maybe should have stepped aside for someone else? Amy Adams is great, however, and dances her little socks off (unlike Jason). There are a bunch of cameos (and having just finished The Big Bang Theory season 4, I got a very surreal moment at one point).

Interestingly, Frank Oz was supposed to direct, but stepped down, unhappy with the script. So is this really a suitable Muppet movie? And, to be honest... there is a point in the movie about the Muppets not being of the current generation, and that isn't entirely without justification. I was nostalgic, deep in memories as the cast was, and yet... I'm not sure that this would really be the movie to speak to new kids. Parents will drag them along as they are also nostalgic, but will the kids enjoy it? I don't know...

This is the first Muppet movie I actually saw at the movies, and if you like the Muppets, then definitely check it out... but be prepared to put up with Walter.

[There was also a short Toy Story Toon, which was a basic set up for introducing a particular set of wacky toys... aside from that, it was rather meaningless.]


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