Tuesday, 10 January 2012


It's the movie that has that classic character Smiley... and it took me half an hour to think of the DS9 reference...

I'm now thinking that "thriller" is the word used to describe movies that should otherwise be action movies, but are too slow for the action audience. Thus it is now a slow paced "thriller", with 'dramatic character action'... without containing any actual 'action'.

In this movie, there's some mole in some British government and Smiley ferrets that person out while undergoing several flashbacks and... something else seems to happen, but I just couldn't pay attention enough to follow the story more. This does make me slightly inclined towards reading the book, there needing to be more context to scenes that the movie clearly wouldn't be able to portray, but it's not at the top of my reading list any time soon.

I will give that there are some great performances by the actors involved. Gary Oldman, of course, owns all the scenes he is in, and there's too little John Hurt. The rest give strong performances, so much so that there isn't really a leader, because they are all good.

This is a movie to watch if you have two hours to kill and don't plan on paying too attention. Or that might just be me.


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