Sunday, 12 February 2012

Absent Horror

This is very nearly a decent horror movie. Which, considering what I'm watching, is high praise.

Here we have a woman whose husband (I think, not clear, but I assume so) went missing seven years ago. Her sister turns up just as she finalises the paperwork to have him declared dead. Then the husband turns up, saying he has been "underneath". And the movie ends with everyone going in absentia.

This is another movie that starts with trying to get the audience interested in the character. Credit points: the woman is pregnant (due to her new cop boyfriend, but we don't find out he's the cause until an hour into the movie - bad point), yet this does not turn into a demon baby. Her sister is a Christian, who hangs up a cross over her bed, yet it fails to fall off due to Teh Evil(tm). And they introduce horror moments early on and don't forget to keep doing so like so many other movies. Wow, it's like someone actually tried not to include every trope there was. Amazing.

I can't say I've heard of the cast before. Well, except for one exception: Doug Jones. Yeah, they got Doug in, for a minor role. And the effects were... hidden. Really hidden. Dark moving shapes, hidden. If I didn't slow the movie down as the scare was about to happen, I wouldn't have been able to see the suggestive formless mask they used.

But, overall, it's still an amateur piece, and it slows with the direction and the writing. [And I should try writing my own some day, just to slow I can't do it either.] Nearly decent, but not quite.

As I said, considering the stuff I normally watch, this is approaching watchable.


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