Friday, 10 February 2012

DW: Magic of the Angels

Fancy a quicky with Jacqueline Rayner? Then try Magic of the Angels.

The plot: some guy is using an Angel to help him pull off a magic trick, and the Doctor tries to stop him. Spun out to 128 pages. Really, it's just that. Frankly, this would be a thin plot for Sarah Jane Adventures. The only complicated part are the bits with the old women, and they were basically retreads of parts of Blink.

(And one bit point that is entirely skipped over is how the magician knew what the Angel was. All he says is "I knew what to do to use it." Not exactly covering all the plot points there.)

You might be able to tell I wasn't very impressed with this, but this is supposed to be a Quick Read, and they are never deep. Which is a pretty poor excuse, given I have read Hell Island.

Pick this up if you are completest, or really missing some Who, but otherwise can skip this.


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