Monday, 13 February 2012


Off the bat I will grant that this movie does try to do something different with the horror genre and 'through the camera' movies, in that the through the camera aspect is a part of how the horror is perpetrated.

The movie supposes that the devil can make a movie of you and steal your soul, and eventually takes over an emo AV dude, who then recreates(ish) a recent tragedy and there's a shocking (ie predictable) revelation about a baby. Although, there is a completely surprising and shocking moment at 20 minutes into the movie when... Christian Slater turns up. What? The Hell? Why? Seriously, why is he in this movie? There is no reason for his character (other than for one plot point that doesn't even really matter), and his whole raison d'etre is to be a perv... which maybe Christian took to show off range? Whatever, he could have missed this from his CV and I don't think anyone would have minded.

Anyway, aside from him, this movie also features... a bunch of young adults that have probably been in stuff pretending to be teens that teens care about. Aside from the one gimmick (which seems to work quickly with most characters, except the one that is important to the plot), this is a basic teen high school killer flick. Yes, we know who it is (so not some guy in the mask), but since he isn't someone we want to see, that doesn't matter either.

A lot of a mess if you try to think about it too hard, so a better option is just not to watch it at all.


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