Monday, 27 February 2012

Round the Bays

Yeah, I did that. Walked Round the Bays! 7km in... 68 minutes! Woo! (Not quite a month ago, I walked around, taking photos. Weather wasn't as nice then, but I preferred that over the baking sun!)

While the walk was nice, there were a lot a logistical problems before and after. I gave myself an hour to catch a bus. The two buses that were due were a) late and b) full. I went down to another stop that was more of a hub and fortunately grabbed a (specially instigated?) empty(!) bus to the event. No toilets readily available, not that I had time, as I got there as the runners started, with us to start a few minutes later. But the time I positioned myself, we were ready to go.

As said, the walk was nice. A fair few people (see video) walked, and while we spread out, I doubt any of our times were that much varied from mine. And at the other end... we had timer tags we had to hand back, but no readily apparent place to give them back to. That should have been clearer.

Here is an edited video... edited in the sense that I didn't record the entire walk, just bits of it:

(Apparently this video contains music copyright EMI... how about 'no'? Not an option? How about 'f off!'?)

And afterwards... I walked home.


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