Monday, 6 February 2012

See the Luvin'

According to the video, there is fame, richness, superstardom, but the thing you really need is 'luv' to become a player. [Despite wanting 'luv' not 'love', she wants to be a 'player' not a 'playa'.]

Now this video does have some very creepy moments in in. The doll mask things on the cheerleaders? The baby prop thrown about? The head knocking off? But it's all to make a point.

First up, it's all about Madonna. Aside from the two guest stars, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, name one other actual face you see... nope, you can't, 'cos there isn't one. If you can't see Madonna, you can't see anyone. (Indeed, even when M.I.A. is busting out the rhymes, she's dressed up, and with quick cuts, so is it her we see singing or Maddy?) Maddy wants your luvin' and you can't even see anyone else to give luvin' to.

Second, everything is a prop to be used. Look at the baby, she comes out with the pram to pretend to be motherly (about 15 years late for that), but that is quickly discarded. And later the baby prop turns up, she just using it for fun, and at the end throws it away. Everything around her is for her to use.

Third, the men. The faceless, mass horde of guys in football gear (because of the Superbowl... geddit?), throwing themselves in the way of danger, getting cars out of the way, doing everything they can, including piling up for her to easily climb, in order to make things easy for her. And then, they even have their vague manity removed as they become sparklers.

I'm not sure if this makes Maddy a 'player', but it doesn't leave anyone else on the field...

Next up: Superbowl, bitch!


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