Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vigil the Huntering

A lot of general investigating going on.

I asked Robert about the 'red horse' from my dreams. Nothing he could find seems helpful, unless you think Phyllis was taken by the Chinese and punished for something. Not my daughter.

Robert also decided to investigate a woman on death row. Her husband and kids died, she's the one picked as the perpetrator. If that's the case, then she deserves to die. She had a family, and threw it away. Mine was taken from me. [Actually feeding off Vernon's Envy - woo, role-playing!] Robert talked to her, there were a few minor items odd in the evidence, and no reason for why she would kill them. (Frankly, a better story would be that the husband's a dick, and killed the kids and himself out of spite.) Robert thinks there might be something there, but she's going to be killed in a few days, so not a lot of hope.

Jack (the doctor) found two patients with what is clearly cases of extreme porphyria and odd form of coeliac disease. And they both have the same boyfriend who comes over and sees them at night, who doesn't turn up in photos, and started seeing them around the time their symptoms onset, but that doesn't mean anything.

At least I managed to catch up with my buddies from the military (Flip, Slide, Pillow, Random and Freddie). Sure, they said they had heard the cops say that they were aware the knife murders we knew about were connected, but the cops didn't want anyone to know that. Again, I'm sure that means nothing. Time for the game!


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