Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vigil the Huntering

I had a dream. And not one of those good kinds. And in it... my daughter has become Death, destroyer of worlds. Yeah, that's not a good thing.

It took me a few days, but I finally tracked down the beggar. He recognised me as The Father, and claims I am one of the 318, who will side with the Demi-Urge against Apophis. Apophis the snake deity thing, who has the image of a snake eating itself. An image that was on the forehead of Phyllis... who has, as stated, become Death. Not that the beggar knew anything about that, he just burbled about the demi-urge and other rubbish. I might need Robert's help on this one.

Meanwhile he and Jane looked into the case of Maxine Gordan [possibly not the right name, but too lazy to check it]. However, they weren't able to uncover anything before she was executed for the murder of her family. I'm sure that won't turn out to be anything we should have paid more attention too. Robert also met up with a lawyer that works for Sarah Haversham (the person who arranged for the original piece of jewelry that was stolen to come to Philadelphia), and has arranged an information swap with him. Not sure if that's going anywhere either.

Instead we, as led by Jack and J.B., decide to go after another vampire that was preying on two women. We set up an ambush in one woman's apartment, and when the vampire turned up, we jumped him... only for him to turn into mist and rush off. I trapped a portion of the mist, but the rest of him/it got away. And the portion later turned into blood. Huh, at least that was something against him.

Are we doing anything good here? And who the hell are the other 317 I'm supposed to be fighting with? I'm certainly not going to fight my daughter, but if Apophis has done anything to her, he'll certainly pay...


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