Saturday, 31 March 2012

Crowdfund New Zealand

So I clearly like to give money for people to create things. But not a lot of NZ based projects are there. Then yesterday I found out about an Australian project related to Cthulhu on a site I didn't know about. An Australian based site. Then the obvious question occurred to me: are there New Zealand based crowd funding sites? Here the top ones (via Googling) I found.

Pozible: This is the Australian one I mentioned. There is a section there for Kiwi projects. Looks to be a fairly active site with lots on money flying around. [It says a lot about the economy that while I might be willing to fund US$100, I'm more hesitant over AU$100, because I know that will be more expensive.]

PledgeMe: Looks to be the most active of the NZ ones. Quite a few projects to do with film and music.

Gesture: Projects... but not much sign of money being given out.

Boosted: The Arts foundation has set up a site for crowdfunding, and that site is Boosted. I know this, because that's all the site has on it.

Angel Investment: This looks like real investment projects rather than crowdfunding. When projects say "minimum investment $1,000,000" you aren't talking to the crowd...

Since I only found out about these because I looked, I'm thinking this scene hasn't really gotten big in NZ yet, and some of these may yet shake out and fall over. But in the mean time... if you excuse me, looks like I have more projects to look at to maybe give money to...


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