Friday, 23 March 2012

Gratification Extremely Delayed

Way back in the mists of my dawn, I had a comic of the Defenders. It detailed their fight against the Six-Fingered Hand, a coalition of six demons.

It was a great wee tale, of fighting demons, and men giving themselves, of strange weirdness. It had Doctor Strange, Son of Satan, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Gargoyle, Night Hawk... not that I entirely knew who they were.

It had part of the story. They referred to events before that I had no idea about, but it was still a good story, and I enjoyed rereading it over and over. However...

I found out later, this was a compilation of issues 96 to 99 from the 1970s. As you might guess, a big event was issue 100. Which this lead up to. Which meant, this great story, lead up to this huge cliff hanger to lead into issue 100... which I never had. What? That sucks! Big lead up, fantastic cliff hanger... can't find out anything about what happens next.

Until now. A reference to some six-fingered hand reminded me of reading this a long time ago, so I looked up what I read, and found out they were issues 96-99. Moreover, a bit more poking around discovered that they are some of the issues, along with 100, that has been collected in Essential Defenders v.5. And just in time too, as the previous volumes are now out of print!

Now I have it, have reread, once again, the lead in issues, and now onto 100. At last, after all this time, resolution shall be mine!



Morgan said...

ha! I have had issue 100 for decades now. Always wondered what came before it...

Jamas Enright said...

Having read #100, I think I had the better part of the tale. ;)