Tuesday, 13 March 2012

THE Rob Shearman

Yes, that's right, I saw THE Rob Shearman. And you can see him here too:

Can't see him? He's the blob on the right.

Anyway, not being able to see him didn't matter too much, because a few minutes after he came on stage, they started playing Dalek, so the lights went down and he commentated over that. [Interesting story: the organisers originally thought they were just going to screen the story with him on only at the beginning and the end. Oo-er.] Lots of interesting things were revealed, and I really hope we get a true behind the scenes look at what really happened some day.

After the talk, there was the signing. I got his X-Files book and two Big Finish audios signed. He knew who I was from the reviews I did, which he claimed were 'insightful'. I claim he was being polite. But definitely he's a nice fellow.

An opinion further strengthened by going out for dinner with him and others afterwards! Yeah, I know people. Many secrets were revealed, which I won't repeat here... and won't remember later to be able to pass them on. As I said, we really need the true behind the scenes details.

He's talking again on Wednesday, so see him if you have the time. Me, I'm working, but I'm glad I took the time out to see him talk about Doctor Who.


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Jet Simian said...

He was indeed. Remembered me from the DiscCon Guide and said lots of very flattering things about it, and of course Wellington.

Sad that I missed the meal and the 'meat' of the meet, as it were, but I'm also glad I missed my bus to grab five minutes with a rather affable and self-deprecating (in the nicest way) bloke. Who is also dead clever.