Sunday, 15 April 2012

Breaking Down

Have I talked about Breaking In? I can't recall, and given I don't always use the name properly, I can't find it by searching. Anyway, I'm going to talk about it now.

In Season One, this was a series about a guy who is a hacker, and he joins a team that breaks into places, to test their security. It was a great show, about four core people, starring Christian Slater, really funny. Fox cancelled it, it had six episodes, and that was it... except it got brought back for a second season.

In Season Two... the firm got brought out by another company, and we got the character of the bitchy boss lady, and her uptight harassed assistant. The sexy girl (Odette Annable) left (because of her appearing on House, I presume), although Molly (Erin Richards) is a very attractive replacement. And, they drop the break ins, and it became an office comedy...

Guess what, it just got cancelled again. Supposedly brought back for 13 episodes, they've shown 5 then the plug got pulled. The rest of the episodes might get screened, or maybe not. Uncancelled again? Not likely.

The problem being that it did become an office comedy, and there's just too many! For example... The Office! Or Better Off Ted (another cancelled series). Thanks Fox for ruining another series...


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