Monday, 9 April 2012

He's a Big One

I've seen most of Micheal Moore's films, they are quite entertaining, eye opening, and possibly contains some truth. This is an older one relating to his first book tour.

The book was Downsize This, and when Random sent him on a tour, he went to the non-typical cities. He grabbed a film crew and while on the tour went to various companies and pulled his normal stunts of confronting them...

On one hand, this is a more expanded version of TV Nation, and more unrefined and mixed up his later movies, but certainly is typical of him. Companies seem to be afraid of talking to him, or have him talk to their employees. A few times he is thrown out or has to meet the employees outside of work because they would be in trouble otherwise. And that certainly says a lot about American company values... and this was 15 years ago. His more recent movies demonstrate that that hasn't changed a lot since then.

On the other hand... this is Micheal's movie, and 'skewed' is an understatement. It's no surprise to anyone that a film might be biased towards the director's point of view. And Moore has certainly had a few controversies, there are other documentaries that show that he doesn't give the full picture, and I have that in mind when watching this, wondering just what we aren't seeing. Which just makes this more come across as nothing more than a self-serving stunt.

This movie is a good example of Moore circa 97. Watch it with that in mind.


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