Thursday, 12 April 2012

Keeping up with the Updates

Just spent some time installing more exciting updates from Microsoft. At least this time I noticed they were there rather than being surprised when I go to shut the computer down. Nothing worse than switching off the computer before bed, and then finding out that there's a collection of random patches to install!

But while my laptop can normally handle it, I need to be more careful with my desktop. Usually when I say 'install and switch off', the computer tries to install them, fails, and undoes them when it restarts (because, if you recall, it doesn't power down properly). So I usually install them a few at a time, needing to reboot between the fractional updates, so you might understand that that takes time. Or just install them in one go and hope for the best, as it seems to be getting better at handling them... although neither computer really wants to install Internet Explorer properly.

And since I don't use my notebook that often, that often demands a multitude of updates and reboots as well before I can use it!

And then there's the exciting moment of when the computers restart... has Microsoft finally screwed it up? Will it never restart again?? Why's it taking so damn long???

(I really should move to Windows 7 some time, maybe even before Windows 8 comes out. But, ugh, the amount of software I need to reinstall... if it reinstalls... and software keys, and redownloading Steam, and... argh!)

Conversely, my tablet doesn't ask to update, and the last time it updated without any complaints. So I guess the moral of the story is... go Android!


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