Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Noodle Significance

Like a lot of people, I like the Gorillaz. They have a lot of catchy songs with odd titles you'd never pick. The 'band' is four eccentric characters, and their antics in the videos are amusing.

And the videos are a whole other topic. While the songs are fairly stand alone, there is a definite story being told in the videos, and there's an order to them. El Manana follows on from Feel Good Inc, and Stylo explains some of On Melancholy Hill.

And one aspect that has changed over time is one particular character. 2-D remains the same, as does Murdoc. Russel changes a little, gets some facial hair, but is mostly the same. But Noodle... it's not clear that this isn't a replacement character entirely. Compare 19-2000 with Dare.

That's quite a change. And what's missing if you just casually enjoy Gorillaz is the huge backstory and plot the creators have given the characters. Fortunately, we do have a way of finding out all the details, from the font of all information, we can simply look up Noodle's entry.

Which is the point of this. No longer do we need to track down all the references and clues and put the pieces together ourselves. Someone has already done that, and we can simply sit back and take it in in one go.

Just another way we can casually consume content.


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