Sunday, 29 April 2012

Of Steam, Steal and Murder

We're back on the ground, and running around trying to find the German scientists. We have a great lead, and will chase them down to where they are hiding... but perhaps it is we who are in for a hiding...

Ah, the joys of the GM able to plot things out before we can. We couldn't really defend against this, and it doesn't help that none of us saw this coming... although several of us did predict it before it turned out to be true...

Unfortunately, there were quite a few Skype problems and thus assoicated recording problems. For this game, if you are still wanting to download, there is parts 1, 2 and 4. In the 3 we chase down some leads, but 4 is more exciting anyway. This was Game 55 [Bert will eventually have the full audio uploaded]. Rapidshare. Hotfile.


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