Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cart Johner

Gah! Okay, I watched it, and it was two hours too long.

So, John Carter went to Mars, and became Amazing White Man to solve all problems of all other races. Which is probably true to the original story, but I never read it. Anyway, yes, he fights, and then looks gloomy, then fights some more. The story isn't worth taking note of.

But what I was noting more as I watched was the production design of the CGI ships, and to a lesser degree the creatures. They reminded me incredibly of Star Wars, the recent movies. Did Lucas Arts do CGI work on this? The ships could so easily turn up on any of those planets that I started associating George Lucas with this movie (which would explain the story).

Is it too much to ask that there isn't a sequel? Oh...



Jet Simian said...

So you won't be signing the petition?

I've still not yet seen it, so I cn't judge it. But I'd echo the usual complaints from fans, and add that JCM's status as film's new biggest turkey has only a little to do with the quality of the movie and so much much more to do with studio bungles, including the most inept marketing campaign I've ever witnessed. Heads should roll, and I don't think one of them should be Andrew Stanton's.

That said, if the gods are merciful and a sequel were to arise, the best thing any producer could do would be the absolutely gut the source material and look for points of difference rather than set pieces and palettes that only serve to highlight how the series was taken up by later franchises. I'm no fans of Star Warsers or Avatards, but their hands are clean here.

Jamas Enright said...


Don't know about studio stuff, just going off how bad the movie is by itself...

Jet Simian said...


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