Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gathering the Magic

I'm a big fan of Loading Ready Run, and will watch pretty much anything they do. So why not Magic: The Gathering? Because I have no interest in the game, maybe...? Anyway, they got into it again a few years ago, and it led to good videos, but then they took it another step.

One thing they do is live Drafts on their Twitch TV channel. Watch them play and interact with them! Woo! Of course, they go for the funny more than the serious, and that also shows up in their play. So, yes, it is MtG, but it is MtG filtered through their humour, so that makes it better. (If you go to the video tab, you can watch their past games.)

They also run fortnightly videos on MtGO (O=Online) Academy, where they come up with bizarre decks and play those. (As they say 'we are willing to spend tickets to play these deck ideas so you don't have to!') These are recorded for release, so no live interaction, but they still like bantering amongst themselves, so it still works. (You should be able to download them for watching offline, but the download capacity is spotty...)

If nothing else, they are good background noise while I'm doing other things...

(Hey, it's not like I'm pimping their CheckPoint!)


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