Sunday, 27 May 2012

More like No-stars!

Do you want to see a travelogue set in the generic parts of Mexico? Then get yourselves a sci-fi movie!

What we have here are two people stuck in Mexico (or further south) and they need to get back to the USA. One is a creepy unlikable guy, and the other is a woman unhappy in her life. So of course you expect them to have sex at some point, spoiler: they don't. Anyway, they have to get north to the stats, and on the way they have some nondescript encounters with nothing, and eventually learn that their sucky lives are still sucky.

Oh, and there are monsters around because Mexico got infect by space bateria or something. (And I don't think the resulting monsters obey evolutionary rules...) You would hardly believe there are monsters because the first third is the two sucky people, the second third is travelling with others with hints of monsters, and the third is them travelling by themselves with hints of monsters. It's like the movie is shy about showing the reason people might want to go see this movie. We do get one full on moment with the monsters.. in the dark and hard to see, so what's the point?

This movie stars... some nobodies I've never heard of, and while the CGI is pretty enough, it isn't anything to justify a movie. The entire movie is pedestrian from beginning to end.

In the end we know who the real monsters are. The filmmakers.


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