Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Vigil the Huntering

The next day (yes, we got some sleep in despite a kid with untold power running around, we gathered together to work out the plan. Watching the club security tapes, we see the kid dust a few people, but just push around others. (And then the video is uploaded to the internet!) Robert and Jane talk with the mother, who seems a little detached, but otherwise not too helpful.

JB visits a Haitian shop and gets told that six more will die (linking back with what he saw in a mirror in a motel room), Jack talks to some guy off screen, and I hear about an attack on a hobo. Rounding the other two up, we head out there. Robert and Jane, meanwhile, visit the morgue and Jane gets in to see one of the dead from the nightclub, and takes some hairs, but they refuse to disappear in the sunlight. Probably normal human then.

On the other hand, we visit the hobo attack scene, and after I find another hobo lady for Jack and JB to talk to, I wait by the scene. Agnes (the old lady) tells a tale of how John (the hobo that was attacked) used to turn into a dog, before the kid turned up killed him, before sniffing the air and setting off. Looks like the kid can sniff out weird creatures. Checking out the scene myself, I find a rat skull on thong (which I'm careful not to touch. Others not so careful report that it is slightly warm to the touch, moreso than you'd expect, and possibly slightly vibrating).

Poking around on Facebook, we track down the kid's friends, and one mentions a Codex. A few calls brings us to the Nineveh Codex, and looking up pictures in the local library shows that it has the Sign of Marduk on it. Whatever that all means.

As night pulls in, we do some B&E to investigate the kids house, and find the Codex in his room, but nothing in the basement where the ritual was done. Examining the Codex (and hi-res photographing it) reveals that the left hand of a murderess buried on unhallowed ground is needed to create a Subtle Key to control some supernatural creature. Not having a proper key means that the creatures eat you and create an Unman. Guess we'll find out if the woman really was guilty or not.

And then we head back for Robert's meeting at Travesty... and the general vicinity of where the kid was last seen going....


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