Saturday, 2 June 2012

2 Portal 2 2

With stuff still to do, Richard [yes, I'm naming names!] and I got together again to start with the DLC for Portal 2.

"Art Therapy" is like the game in miniature, with each chamber more or less recapping a course... okay, to be honest, since we did so much afterwards, I can't remember it that well. We did have fun, and it is a more 'behind the scenes' look at Aperture, with it being reminiscent of the 1980s look to it all. And we got to fling around portal gel! I like the reveal at the end of the mastermind behind it all. Fun!

Then we went back to getting achievements. This took a damn long time, with one of them being an achievement for getting through an entire course without dying. That was hard, and then bam, I died. And then we get to the second to last room, and bam, another death. Sigh. We can do those rooms great now, but it would be nice for some way to switch off GlaDOS's dialogue. We know it already, and just want to get to the next chamber! And, yes, again we looked up some things online. I doubt we would have gotten Portal Conservation Society otherwise. Still, we now have all the co-operative ones we can get without bringing in other people... so, who else plays Portal 2?

And then, at the end... we cheated. Enable the cheats, then start throwing portals anywhere! And calling things into existence! Invented some new games of sliding a block around, and seeing how easily we could kill each other (it really should keep a tab on that). And the first course was incredibly simple with cheating too. (Of course.)

Lots of fun was had by all (well, us), and if there is more DLC then we must return. However, back to the single player to try for those last achievements...


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