Monday, 11 June 2012


I spent too many hours playing a point and click game by the name of Hector. A three parter, it is a British police man who is trying to stop a villain from... all range of things. And this is basically the most extreme stereotypes you could hope for. (Which is really unfortunate for the women, who are basically all 'chav's of the lowest kind.)

It's by Telltale games, and it's not a bad point and clicker. However, there are a few moments of 'what do I click next?' In one case, this was because I only single instead of double clicked. Another time, I knew I needed an item, but I couldn't get it until I did something that I knew wouldn't work because I didn't have that item! But it did set off a trigger that enabled me to get it... but why would I do that if I knew it wouldn't work? That was annoying. But, basically, it was point and click on everything, and fortunately there are large hit boxes so it wasn't pizel hunting.

The story is more solid than I was expecting, and definitely works over the three games/episodes. Episode 1 took me two hours, episode 2 took me three hours, and episode 3 took me four hours. However, taking longer doesn't mean it was better, just that there was more stuff and it was more confusing. To that end, episode 3 did drag on a bit, and could have been profitably shortened.

Fun enough game that I'm glad I got on sale. but... replay: highly unlikely, although a 'speed run' might be something to try.


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