Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Continuing the trend of reinventing children's classics, we have this remake into Pirates vs Indians.

This is more of a prequel, with setting up how Peter and co got to Neverland, and their initial adventures. Although his origin is more reminiscent of Oliver Twist, soon there are pirates and, yes, Indians. Because... that's why, because. And while there are minor bits with flying tree spirits, it basically continual on-again-off-again battle between those two forces.

You can tell this is an 'edgy' remake when they make Hook a woman. Well, sort of. Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans get top billing, and together they make up Hook (remember, prequel, so they both have influence over the eventual character). And Bob Hoskins returns as Smee. On the kid side, we have Charlie Row as Peter and Q'orianka Kilcher as not-Wendy.

It's a decent enough story, slightly darker, although running as a two part mini-series it could have been done as a one-parter. It also sets up a sequel/actual retelling, although I have no idea if that is happening (nothing listed on IMDB yet).

If you have the time for it, fine, but you aren't missing that much if you don't.


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