Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Wow, a movie either so recent or so bad it doesn't have an IMDB entry worth noticing yet...

So, family of women get caught out in a storm, shelter at a nearby house, and get trapped by, basically, hillbillies with mutated family members. You know, as it normally happens. So freaking often. Seriously, there isn't anything more in it. Oh, there's handwaves about why the locals are acting weird and there's a hint there's an asskicking coming at the end, but... meh.

Okay, I wasn't paying complete attention, but still, I can't imagine I missed anything of note. Certainly even the make up effects aren't worth noting. The director goes for the 'less is more' aspect of not showing a lot... but the flip side is that we don't get to see anything that makes us get scared or not bored or anything...

The film tries to do more character wise with the woman than usual, but still doesn't make any point of difference. Frankly, you can tell what's going on from what I've said here. Not given spoilers, but it isn't anything new.

Unless you really want to see this... you've already seen this.


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