Friday, 27 July 2012

Star Trek The 1!

So, as a Doctor Who fan, I'm supposed to hate Star Trek. Or something. Certainly I was never into it like I am Doctor Who. But the remastered DVDs were cheap, so... yeah, I have just finished watching season one of "classic" Trek.

And a lot of it was familiar. It was on endless repeats when I was a kid, so I saw a lot of episodes, and it was one of the few science fiction shows around, however... there were shows that were new to me. Either that, or I had erased them from my mind. While I did try to see all the episodes, not being that engaged at the time, I didn't try to religiously catch it like I did Doctor Who. And yet... there were shows that were new to me that I already knew. Because there had been so much talk about them, I was able to go 'hey, I know what that episode is about!' A rather odd experience.

Specific comments: The Naked Time - a fantastic episode that is far superior to The Naked Now. The Corbomite Maneuver - better than I remember. The Conscience of the King - slightly less dull than I remembered. The Squire of Gothos - makes me want to reread Q-Squared! The Return of the Archons - could be easily adapted into being a Call of Cthulhu module. The Devil in the Dark - the episode gets overshadowed by McCoy's "I think I can cure a rainy day!", but it is a great episode. The City at the Edge of Forever - deservedly a classic. Operation Annihilate! - a fun season ender, even if the Spock plot line is resolved in a hugely absurd manner.

The extras could do with some work. The one about connecting the actors is a waste of time. Most of the extras seem to fit into either 'because we could' or 'we had the footage'. Meh.

I enjoyed all that, and think I'll head straight into season two.


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