Sunday, 5 August 2012

Craft-A-Long 3

The other image that occurred to me from the past was that of Tetris. Who doesn't remember Tetris? However... what image? Like before (although I didn't say), I just Google Image searched for Tetris. Found a few level screens, but they were on the large side of pixels (and think of how well you need to work writing to get it to work). I did find a common image of nearly full screen of blocks and that did look to be an iconic image.

However in this case, I wanted to be sure I had the right colours, as I had seen a few variants. After checking the ultimate source and got the standard colours. (Again, hue is an issue.) For this, I went with 25 pieces of wool per pixel, and added some more blocks for colour variation at the top. In this case... I wasn't that happy with the purple. It looked too much like black and was hard to see. What do you think?

After this, I was interested and wanted to keep going, so I had to come up with other images. Another iconic image, for me... the TARDIS! Nice straight lines, although in this case I worked it myself. And got it slightly wrong, I took the Pull to Open design (black writing on white background) from the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS, but didn't take the St John badge. And the writing is only clear in one part. Ehh...

(Neither of these pieces are going to be in Desert Bus. So now I need to decide what to do with them. In some ways, I'm tempted by etsy...)


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