Monday, 6 August 2012

Craft-A-Long 4

For my last design, I got the idea while watching a particular show (I won't reveal just yet), and saw something that was perfect for making into a rug: namely an image that was only 77 (7 by 11) pixels big, and could be scaled and prettied up as I liked.

After making a map in Excel (which I have done for all my designs), I ordered the wool, and waited... and soon, I had everything ready to go again.

Although I could calculated exactly the number of pieces of wool I needed, I don't entirely trust it, because there are occasions where a bit of wool got trimmed wrong, or tied up with another piece, or... so although I was using exactly 15 bales of white wool, I did have other white wool I could fall back on if there was a problem.

Taking a breath... I begun!

I decided to outline each 'pixel' (which would be 100 pieces!) in silver, so worked up a grid which I then filled in with colour. Due to the size of the canvas, and that it already had folds in it, I basically worked in thirds. So... can you see what it is yet?


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