Wednesday, 15 August 2012


When I started watching this, I thought "this reminds me of Fifth Element". Oh. Luc Besson. That'll do it.

There's a prison. IN SPACE! And the President's daughter is visiting it. IN SPACE! Only the prisoners escape. IN SPACE! So they send in someone expendable. IN SPACE! And hijinks ensue. IN SPACE! And it's IN SPACE! IN SPACE!

Well, Earth orbit, but close enough. This means lots of corridors and hi-tech looking stuff, although it comes down to guns and punching. But aside from the odd spacing, there isn't any point to it being IN SPACE! moreso than, say, The Rock was set on the Rock and it could have been any relatively isolated base that needs to be infiltrated. Basically it's the isolated resources schtick. Only... IN SPACE!

Guy Pearce is playing someone who is the wisecracker's wisecracker. Everything he says has to be some form of snappy joke. And it gets very irritating. Smirk smirk wisecrack smirk IN SPACE! Maggie Grace is extremely pretty, and that's largely her role. The other people... were good and somewhat recognizable, but since I didn't catch anyone's character name, I'm not sure who was who.

It's a pretty movie, and very superficial. Good for a time out, but make sure you keep it surface level only.


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