Wednesday, 5 September 2012

DW: Dark Horizons

The next in the full hardcover novels that the BBC is now doing is Dark Horizons by J T Colgan.

The Doctor lands back in ye olden days with Vikings at sea, or rather washed up on the land as they are attacked by fire. This leads to the puzzle of... fire at sea, what the? Interlinked with this is the story of Corc, the village leader who is having trouble connecting with his sons, and the story of two would be lovers from different sides of the tracks.

While there is a lot of  'repeated ideas' (as it were), J T does handle them skillfully. Though it was obvious where the story elements would go, I enjoyed going along for the ride. There was definitely more focus on character than the sci-fi parts, but this gave us believable characters, with several interesting takes from Henrik on the TARDIS. (Although Henrik does do a very quick turn around from Viking! to Nice Guy(tm).) The Doctor was also well done, and I could hear Matt Smith's voice (and it didn't hurt that I've been watching his Doctor recently).

Decent read, although I would like to see her tackle something without being to obvious with the cliches.


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