Friday, 28 September 2012

Ice Ice Ice Ice Age Baby

It's the fourth movie! Or maybe one of the earlier ones. It's repeating so many ideas it's hard to be sure.

Scrat kicks things off with breaking up the continents (because that's now how it happened according to American education), the crew are running around getting split up and trying to get back together... as they have done in every movie since the second one! (Was there one where they went to Hell, or am I imaging things...maybe it was just dinosaurs under the ground...) Only this time there are pirates. And, because it is his turn, Diego gets the love interest of Shira. And, yeah... if you've seen the earlier movies, you can guess entirely what's going to happen, and there it happens...

Of course we get the main actors returning, with added guests of Jennifer Lopez, Nick Frost and Alan Tyduk if you don't blink and miss him. Production style looks exactly like the other movies, but I'm not sure what advancement in that area would look like.

If you like the other movies... you've already liked this.


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