Friday, 7 September 2012

Phila-derp-ia Experiment

What do you do when you want to remake an old idea, and what it to be really bad? You make it a movie on the Syfy channel!

With a mere 40 Teslas you can make something invisible... or create an energy field that links back to the original Experiment and pull it forwards in time. This is then a good excuse for having it appear in wacky places around the planet and destroy things! It also means you can have old granddad team up with granddaughter and... run around a lot? Not to anything of note anyway. And then try to solve everything by rewriting the timelines, because that's something else you can do with 40 Teslas.

You might guess this is not a great movie, and you'd be right. Did The Final Countdown teach people nothing? (Actually no, because they did a sequel of that.) You end up needing some dodgy CGI and even dodgier pseudo-scientific babble to get away with it, and it just doesn't work. And the human story works if you can make it compelling. Running around does not compelling make.

And it stars people who should have known better, but I guess after Sanctuary was over, what else were they going to do? We get Nicholas 'Ratboy' Lea, Ryan Robbins, Emilie Ullerup and even Malcolm McDowell! Most of them seem to be in it to be in front of a camera, and none of them can be interesting in bothering to act in this (can't say I blame them).

Another churned out movie from Syfy. And it is because they are churning them out we are getting quantity over quality...


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