Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Fan's Comic-Con

There's a documentary about what it's like at Comic-Con that looks at it from the fans point of view, as well as talking to a few retailers. So that con looks about as massive as I'd expect...

During this documentary we meet people who are trying to become artists, and this documentary isn't all about rosy endings. We meet a comics retailer that isn't happy with the fact that the comic con isn't about comics any more (and while I can see his point, one also has to acknowledge that the people running the con are business people like he is, and if LucasFilm are giving them lots of moniez for the loading dock, then the loading dock they will have!). We meet a costumer who, with her team, did an amazing Mass Effect costume                   outfit of Shepard, Tali and Grunt. And we meet two lovers, one of whom is trying to set up a proposal to the other, but can't get away to get the ring, and dude, she's like really clingy, are you sure you want to marry her? (Yes, yes he does.)

We also get a lot of basically talking heads with big names to say how amazing Comic Con is... and I wonder if we'd get the same responses from them if they were at DragonCon or ...  I don't know, what are other big sci-fi cons out there? There're like a bajillion of them... Certainly makes Armageddon look like the little expo that could...

Anyway, as a slice of life type documentary, it's interesting, but I can't say I particularly want to go to Comic Con after seeing it. It is, loosely, Armageddon on a huger scale, and I don't go to that!


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