Monday, 1 October 2012

DW 7.5

The "reveal" at the end of the teaser? Dave totally called that that would be a thing. Obvious if you thought of it, and he did!

So the Angels took Manhattan... and somehow control an entire building? Can call lifts, but, more interestingly, can open doors... how exactly does that work? And I'm guessing that it's because the city that there's no-one around? It's the "city that never sleeps", but the streets and empty and... NO-ONE COMMENTS ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY WALKING AROUND??? Seriously? No-one? Complete bollocks!

And we get, as I suspected, Moffat having his cake and eating it too, of having Amy and Rory die... only they didn't... and then they sort of did, but from old age and living together... (and why couldn't the Doctor pop back to, say, 1945 or 1950 and see them?) And River didn't seem that upset, but then that family has never been that close. (Look at Rory and River, it's like Arthur is just in standard 'I'm in lost companion' mode, and not 'hey, I'm with my daughter' mode... which I'm not sure he knows how to do.)

Basically it's rather weak sauce for an ending arc for Amy and Rory. And that last show of Amelia really didn't help matters at all. The Doctor will never see them again, it seems... although next year is the 50th, and not being able to see them never stopped the production team from bringing back Donna. Ooh... it's a long time until the next episode...

Next time: Oh, the spoilers they gave away about Christmas, I could tell you the entire story now!


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