Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Adventures of the Scary Bunny

[Obligation continues to be a little odd. If the group has a high enough obligation, then you are more or less permanently at a penalty to Strain... and then it doesn't really mean much, it's just a penalty that is there, and doesn't have an impact. It could get worse, but it just feels meh.]

Flying away from the moon, towards the planet, we soon pick up a tail in the form of two ships that aren't interested in letting us get away. I try to avoid them by listing lazily to the left. The gunner shoots them, missing but managing to disable each gun as he fired it [damn threat dice!]. Meanwhile, the agro guys threaten to space the leader... which makes them back off. Aided by the mechanic making the shields look stronger than they are [yay triumph dice!]. [While I am the pilot, aside from making some manoeuvres  I didn't really get to do anything. And didn't ever have to make a roll at any point. What was the point of all that? I would have wanted to do some tricky flying, but the best option was evasive action... which just impacts other people's rolls. Meh.]

We land easily, and then get us some cash for our troubles... [And that ends the first campaign/story. Another one next time.]

[Since we still had time, we played the X-Wing game. Myself and Chong were X-wings, the others were Tie Fighters... I died pretty much immediately, Chong lasted a little longer... and there were no Tie Fighter casualties at all... sigh...]


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