Monday, 22 October 2012

The Credulous Goad

From the title, I was expecting this is to be more a thriller a la Da Vinci Code, where a secret that combines science and religion is being suppressed... oh, if only...

Two college kids connect as one interviews the other. He is more science based, she is a good Christian girl, but do they have anything in common? Well, yes, but Genesis stops him from giving in to god... oh, no, what will happen? Not to spoil anything, but fortunately there is a compromise as science completely gives in and proves Christianity right, and he is rewarded for turning to god, as indeed he should...

Yeah, I didn't expect anything different once I realised this was a drama. But the worst part is a thirty minute presentation that explains that science can now explain Genesis, by using relativity to explain that god saw the universe evolving in shortening day lengths, and the history of Genesis can be hand waved into scientifically known periods... despite that a) Genesis 1 contradicts Genesis 2, and ii) either way gets the history of everything wrong anyway. It's an impressive glib presentation, but basically it is bad science and bad religion. Also aided by bad quote-mining, and strawmen.

Ignoring that, this is a decent enough examination of troubled times in the leads' lives, even if everything is resolved by 'religion is the only way' due to bad characterisation in other people. For some reason, Louise Fletcher, Ernest Borgnine and Lance Henriksen show up in this. They don't do that much, but they are indeed in it. And apparently the first director was fired, and another one was brought in to finish the movie.

As with all didactic movies, it isn't likely to change anyone's mind. And at over two hours, I suggest you find a better use of your time.


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