Friday, 2 November 2012

DW: The Dalek Project

The BBC continues to throw out the odd story, this one being The Dalek Project graphic novel, written by Justin Richards and art by Mike Collins. And I'm very surprised this story got told.

It's the first World War, and the Doctor lands near a house and soon talks to a few people about odd goings on, and ends up talking with the master of the house, and find out he is helping to create Daleks. Thinking that he is going to help end the war, and - wait... what?

While not a repeat, given how many similar stories get turned down, how did this pass the check again Victory of the Daleks? And this doesn't even have the new Dalek design. Were they working on this for several years so that they started before Series 5 and were allowed to continue? And partly because of that, and partly because this isn't Justin Richards in good mode, this is not a great story. Just repeated running around, fighting the Daleks, running away from the Daleks, then fighting the Daleks again. Sigh. It basically goes on too long.

The art is mostly decent, although there are a few pages (such as page 38) with weird designs. Once the Daleks are in full fray, we get some great splash pages and interesting new looks to them (although, as said, it's odd not seeing the big booty models).

On the whole, a rather low grade Dalek story.


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