Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Marvel Superheroes Assemble!

Mix together Doctor Strange, Hulk, Machine Man, Rogue and Deadpool, and what do you have? Our adventure in the land of the Marvel Superheroes RPG! As it was basically just four rounds of combat (and we went for four hours!), I won't bother to narrate the game. Some villains got out of prison, and we fought them.

Not well, it has to be said, as indicated by the fact that we went four rounds and we got more beat up than they did. But we were eventually getting somewhere... but the prospect was not good.

This is a more narrative game than others, with more generic power descriptions and lots of flavour text to hook into. But the main mechanic seemed to be the Plot Points, which came and went very easily, and seemed to build up far more easily for the GM than for the players. It felt like we were on the backfoot for that aspect for most of the game.

The basic way to form the dice pool came easily enough, but remembering all the whizzy bits to add on and take into account needs more getting used to. And as rounds took a while, it did feel like a lot of sitting there watching what was happening.

Not convinced about it yet, but clearly familiarity will help a lot.

Due to the GM leaving the country, we've got one more shot at this.



Bert Isla said...

I ran a one shot of this for the online game convention Monkey Con. It was fun, very FATE like really.

Jamas Enright said...

It's a very narrative game, but we were reminded more of Edge of the Empire, given the dice pool forming.