Thursday, 8 November 2012


I'm not sure if this movie was trying to be a horror movie, or a slasher movie, or... (note "good" is not an option.)

There's an abandoned mental hospital (of course), which is being renovated... but this movie isn't about that. Teen idiots crash the place... but the movie isn't about them. One of them tells about a 'ghost hunting' show that came here... and that, finally, is who the movie is about. And, it seems, there are ghosts a-plenty, and they are just eager to get on screen! I don't know why ghost hunting is so hard! The crew doesn't seem that surprised by this, so why are they getting bad ratings? Are ghosts just a thing in that universe? But then people start getting killed... and the movie doesn't even pretend to have any plot beyond that.

Featuring such actors as Ms H Duff.... that's right, Haylie Duff is in this! (Older sister is she.) An actual actor in this is Michael Rooker... for some reason listed on IMBD as Donut Shop Employee... was someone trolling when they added him?? But for a low budget, there is quite the cast of people. A lot of friends must have been called in.

But the biggest question I have is: where is there a nearby huge abandoned building I can shoot my crappy movie in?

Yep, another movie to ignore.


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