Sunday, 11 November 2012

Script tales

It's hard to get a script turned into a movie. In fact, there is no reason they ever get made into movies other than sheer dumb luck. Nothing to do with hard work, sweat and graft... just be in the right place at the right time, and bam! This is the lesson from Tales from the Script.

This documentary talks to numerous script writers about getting into Hollywood, and the process of what happened to your scripts, and such. It claims to be tales from the script writers themselves, but this is really them talking about the process, and only very little about actual anecdotes from them about what they've gone through and who they've worked with.

There are many a writer here with big credits to their names. I can't say I knew they were script writers before seeing this, but it amusing to have them introduced with a different credit each time to highlight their range of work (John Carpenter gets interview segments often... all with a different credit).

While an interesting insight into what being a script writer means, this is less than what the tagline would suggest.


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