Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DW: Torchwood: Exodus Code

Hey, it's John Barrowman and sister Carole E. Barrowman! Together again for the first time! And it's a Torchwood book, Exodus Code. By Captain Jack Harkness himself, so it must be brilliant!

It turns out the Earth has rings in it, which Jack found out about in the early twentieth century when he nearly fell into a mountain in Peru. However he forgot about it. Then in modern day, women are becoming hysterical  there are geysers coming out of the ocean, and people are on a bus about to get shot at.

Or something.

There are two bad things about this novel. One is that there is a lot of jumping around, so it gets confusing quickly. There's a big fight scene near the end, and I have no idea why anyone was shooting anyone, where anyone was in relation to anyone else, if people were supposed to be good guys or not... and why I should care. Bit of a mess.

However, worse than that is that this story is just straight up boring. Being messy doesn't help, but when there are large sections when very little happens, and what does happen happens very slowly, I lose interest in what is happening, and am turning pages out of sheer bloody-mindedness. This isn't an exciting Torchwood romp. This isn't an exciting anything romp.

And don't expect lots of great insights into Captain Jack either. I'm not sure if this is because the authors didn't want to step on anything RTD might do, but there are no exciting revelations, and characters don't progress in any interesting ways.

Just give this a miss. Even with who the authors are... just give this a miss.


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