Monday, 3 December 2012

He's a Celebrity, what's he doing there?

Yes, you might have heard of a show similar in idea to Survivor: stick a bunch of people in an isolated place and watch them be dicks, or not, to each other. Only this one is from the UK, and is with Celebrities! (Where Celebrity has a pretty loose definition, because I ain't heard of most of them...)

One Celebrity (why do I keep capatilising that?) was one Colin Baker, Actor and Former Doctor Who (as his credit ran). Why? Why would he want to be abandoned out in the outback of Australia? To suffer sleepless nights, put his hands (and other body parts) into things containing the numerous bugs and critters that are in Australia, and to never eat properly again?

To lose weight. Seriously, that was his cited reason. And, to be fair to him, after his time on the show (spoilers: he didn't last the entire three weeks), he did indeed lose weight. So... why isn't this taken up by clinics as a weight loss programme? "Come spend time in the jungle, don't eat properly, and suffer for others' amusements!" Totally winner, I'm sure.

In summary: Colin Baker was on Celebrity. That is all you need to know about it, so don't bother watching it. (And I skimmed through most of it, so I didn't watch it while watching it either.)



evildicemonkey said...

And I pointed out to Jamas that Colin was in the Jungle and I watched even less of it than him, i.e. nothing!

Jamas Enright said...

To be fair, Jet Simian (sometime commenter here as well) was the first to point it out, as well as Come Dine (which I still haven't seen).

Hmm... Colin's get back in the 'look at me being a Celebrity' game. What's next, Celebrity X-Factor? Dancing with the Stars? [Er... how else to aged celebrities pimp themselves out? Big Fat Quiz might be apropos...]