Sunday, 23 December 2012

Not Opposing The Force

With money disappearing on GOG and Steam sales, it's not surprising I am in the mood for playing games. But rather than install something I just brought, what do I have already installed and ready to go? Half-Life: Opposing Force? ... Sure!

I always go through the training room area first to remind me of the mechanics and see what's new. One item that's new is the rope climbing. I hated that in Tomb Raider, and I'm not loving it here. So much so that: screw you, ropes! (And considering there are no ropes in HL2+, it seems my opinion is not the only one like this.)

However, the game itself... is actually pretty fun so far. I am Adrian Sheppard (before that Sheppard came along), one of the a-hole soldiers that came in and shot up everyone including Freeman. Only something go wrong when my team goes into the base and bam! Aliens up in this biotch!

So far, I'm only two chapters in... but yeah, I want to continue. I wasn't expecting to, but... yep, I'm in. For now.

Now obviously it's not all clear sailing. Aside from the rope, I keep getting hung-up on damn geometry. If I'm  lucky, I can crouch-jump over it, but more than once I've needed to noclip my way free. Oh yeah, that's another thing. I'm cheating already. While I do like the story, I don't know if this is supposed to be an extreme hard-core game or I'm really bad at finding stashes, but I was just constantly low on health and had sod-all ammo. When a section turned up with a number of aliens suddenly popping up and more-or-less instant killing me because of my low condition, I snapped, and boom, cheats ahoy!

Unlike Blue Shift, and even unlike parts of Half-Life, I want to get back to this... let's see how long that desire lasts...


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