Sunday, 9 December 2012

Plugging the DJ

Where do you go when you want to hear the fat beatz? You might think a club, but this is the internet, we have a website for that! In particular,

In one of the rooms, you can hear people playing their favourite tunes, and even spin a disc yourself (or flail wildly as the animation would have it). There can either be a succession of DJs, each playing one song each before moving on (with a waitlist to get through if there are more than five), or there can be one DJ laying out  their favourite playlist.

How is the playlist formed? You select the song by selecting the video from one of three sites... at least, I think three, because mostly it's just YouTube. The video plays while the song does, and people can 'Woot' or 'Meh' it, and if they 'Woot' then another animated dance plays... it's more about the music than the visuals.

I attend DJ Mumbles' room when I go there (in the rare times when I don't have a stack of other media pressing for my attention), and I have my NZ playlist set up for when I jump in the DJ crew. You can go there now if you want... although, I gather, there might just be a bot of some kind playing songs when people aren't around.

Anyway, the clubs are on the netz, so no need of that horrible physically interacting with people. Woot!


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