Monday, 21 January 2013


Kids can be complete bastards. I know that. I was a kid once. I was with other kids. They were annoying. I probably annoyed some of them. And yes, I was bullied. Not extensively because I was one of the bigger (taller) kids around, and didn't give good value for being bullied. And while there were bastards, it wasn't an excessive amount. (At least, not for me. No idea if others in my schools suffered more.)

Bully is the story of several kids who are bullied. Some of the stories follow the kids, and show them getting bullied. Some of the stories are about what happens after some of the kids take their own lives, being so depressed from the bullying. Terrible stories, mostly, and shows a lot of the victims, and how they are trying to be strong.

And how the schools and parents did, basically, sod all to stop it. Most adults just want the kids to get through the day, and as long as nothing amazingly physical happens they have to deal with, that's a win. Worn down? Don't care? Side with the bullies because they are afraid the kids will bully them? Yep, but when kids continue to be bastards, even after adults say 'don't do that', it's easy to see why the victims don't put a lot of faith in what the adults are doing, and everyone starts not wanting to acknowledge is issue of bullying they can't deal with.

But... the main problem with this movie is that it's all about the victims, how they were bullied... but little looks to be coming from it. It's not like, even with various things some adults are doing because they are personally affected when their kids are bullied, we've got headlines of "there are no more bullies anywhere!" That's not going to happen. And with parents teaching kids their ways of doing things, and with a lot of bullying coming from nurture, it ain't stopping any time soon.

So, yeah... one wonders about the point of this movie. Bullies aren't going to care. And most kids won't be seeing this movie (I assume, unless this is being shown in schools, no idea about that). This is something that's happening all around, not just America, and this just throws some light on some problems, but not a lot of answers are here.


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