Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dance, Monkey, Dance!

You remember this? You've probably seen it before... but here it is again!

Yeah, that. It is still funny but... there's a lot of 'modern' (at the time) songs which... when was the last time you listened to Cotton Eye Joe? Yeah, they were bit hits at the time, but now... sheesh. Hardly sustained in the culture for eternal reference.

But, hey, he did eventually do a follow up. (And I got to this one from his website, so it is legit.)

Which, while shorter, still has some of the same problems with modern songs. And you can spot Rap/Funk songs there as well, more than in the first one. I've thought (biasedly so?) that there are more of that genre in the current music charts, so not surprising to see it reflected here.

But... the first was posted in 2006, the second in 2009... guess another one is due?


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