Thursday, 17 January 2013

Side by Side

Over the past more than 100 years, we've had film committed to... well... film. But now we have digital medium available to record images. Side by Side looks at the rise of digital recording over film.

And this documentary interviews a range of directors and cinematographers, all with different opinions about whether or not digital is anything worth paying attention to. Some say they will always use film. Some say they will never look back after moving to digital. The history of digital is gone into in some detail, and at each stage there are people who remember using it and, usually, talk about what a great change it was. And the ease of digital means that anyone can get in on it... which causes trepidation to some (in the same way that the internet has given a voice to everyone online, with just how great that is!). Although digital storage has changed a lot over the years that film is a better medium for that than digital is. Quite an extensive look really.

Amusingly Keanu Reaves is the one doing the interviewing, and his facial hair and hair length varies incredibly  wildly, showing how long this film was done over. He's good at it, and shows genuine interest.

Definitely an interesting film to check out if you are interested in the medium of film itself.


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