Friday, 1 February 2013

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon

Mushroom, mushroom. I watch a few food shows... for some reason I'm not quite sure about. And so, one show I've been watching, that's incredibly more dangerous than most for making of the cravings...

Do you like bacon? Sure, we all can! But just how much bacon can you manage? That's not enough, we want more! In fact, we want an entire United States of Bacon! In this show, chef Todd Fisher travels around the USA looking at, and, more importantly, eating, all kinds of bacon masterpieces!

Picture a burger. Put bacon on it... you've got the tamest creation on this show! Meat with layers of bacon, wrapped in more bacon, with extra bacon on it, all this and more! Generally in each episode, the show picks a town, and visits three locations showing off their bacon piece de resistance. He talks with the chef who cooks it, and they show the creation process, and then Todd gives it a munching and enjoying.

And, yeah, I'll say it, it looks like Todd has enjoyed plenty of bacon in his time. And given the bacon he is chomping in this series, at which point does a heart attack ensue? Although, all we generally see is one or two bites, so for all I know, he immediately goes "that's all I need, hey camera crew, dig in!"... or he may indeed scarf it all. No idea.

But yes, watching this starts up the lovin' bacon juices. Tasty tasty bacon... mmm... excuse me, I must go nom...


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