Sunday, 3 February 2013

Be very quiet, I'm Hunting Houses

This was very nearly a good movie. It has an interesting premise, characters in conflict, secrets to uncover... then in the second act it dives down into slowness and never recovers.

Two families arrive at an Open House, but whenever they try to leave, they always return to it. After a month... personalities clash to an extreme (with a dash of supernatural events(*)), and then everything collapses. The characters, the plot, any interest in this movie... I kept watching, hoping it would get better. When they find the way to leave, they all ignore it! They're idiots! And I did foresee that ending, although it would have been more interesting if it was the original girl.

(*) Why is not seeing your dead daughter/wife/son/lover/buddy/etc in a place where they clearly can't be not on TV Tropes??? I even checked the page for Event Horizon, which has it three times! Nothing!

We get Marc Sinclair, who has done some decent work, although he does look like Marc Pelligrino towards the end. Art LaFleur gets to range over his usual characters. And all the women are playing bitches to one degree or another.

Should have been better.


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