Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Oh, I didn't realise, this is a sequel to another movie I reviewed. I wondered why the set-up 'supposed bad guy helps to take down badder guy in a horror movie' was a little familiar.

Random chap has the ability to wire up a disco to kill people, then kidnaps someone and takes them to his house where he has other people to kill. That someone has people come after her, and so there are more people to kill. Arkin ('collected' in the previous movie) escapes and is brought in to bring that team in, and gets caught in the house. And then insert generic slasher movie from there on in.

The most annoying thing about this movie is the editing. The director clearly felt that if a shot went on longer than a second, then that's too long so CUT! CUT! CUT! Really, the pacing is just frenetic, with shots jammed together. A lot like the plot, which is just a random series of rooms with weird traps and stuff jammed together until the movie was padded out long enough. And just how did the death rave work in the opening? How long would that take to set up?

Josh Stewart returns as Arkin, and Emma Fitzpatrick plays the young woman with the ear problem... although nothing much is really made of that. The biggest name here is Christopher McDonald, who is only in the movie for a minute or so.

It looks like I liked the first movie. Not so much this second one. Can we then hope there's no third?


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